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Halle Andrews
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Entrepreneurship is the process of managing and running your own business. An entrepreneur is a person who operates these businesses and deals with challenges. Being an entrepreneur requires a  lot of risks and energy when starting their journey, but the results are rewarding when they reach their goals. It’s not simple, although the payout can be worthwhile after success. It requires time management, leadership and resourcefulness skills. Entrepreneurship can start as a small business, yet the long-term vision is much greater, to share new and innovative ideas with the world. They have many jobs apart from creating a business plan, like hiring employees, controlling finances and providing management. Entrepreneurs in tech have many ambitious goals, but usually don’t have much technical background at all. To address these challenges, entrepreneurs are faced with several problems they must overcome to grow their businesses. Pixeltree can help with some of those challenges.

Pixeltree’s core values are highly focused on empathy and community. Our motto is “tech with heart” as a software consultancy. We want to be different from other local companies in a modern technological world. Some companies can feel distant and detached from their client and

employees. Empathy is important to growing a welcoming business. Pixeltree wants to stand out and form genuine relationships with those we work with. Forming a community is also a vital part of our brand. It can be valuable to feel like you’re part of a group rather than just a business. When we truly understand and connect with others we can reach a much more desirable end product. Entrepreneurs would benefit from this when trying to start a successful business.

Entrepreneurs should look for tech companies that share their values and that care about them and their core integral values. Working for a business that has similar goals makes collaboration that much easier. A company that has good communication and soft skills are also useful. Good communication in your workplace where you feel comfortable asking questions creates a better synergy and connection with your community. These qualities are important when wanting to start a functional business in today’s corporate world. Without having a support system in your company, it can feel isolating and make it tough to complete projects.

To become an entrepreneur you require a lot of diligence and perseverance. It can be difficult to find the right company for your needs. Once you’ve done this, your company can thrive. Current and future entrepreneurs play an integral role in Canada’s economy. They can bring new and fresh ideas to the world. Entrepreneurship proves to be successful when these people take risks. When a business or startup succeeds, it is rewarded with many opportunities. Entrepreneurs are valuable people in the business and software developer world. They should want to find a tech company that cares about their values and goals.


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Halle Andrews

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