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Local Shops
Nikki Robinson
September 08, 2020
1 min

We couldn’t be more excited to support local businesses with the launch of our e-commerce platform, Local Shops!

Local Shops is a Calgary based e-commerce company aimed at helping local businesses obtain a competitive advantage online by digitizing storefronts and showcasing products in one, easy-to-browse marketplace.

Using geolocation technology, Local Shops ensures that the items presented for browsing are created, owned, and sold by local merchants from shoppers’ very own towns and/or cities.

As a Shopify partner, anyone with a Shopify account can connect their store to the marketplace in seconds. Businesses can also import product images and listings via Instagram as Local Shops is also fully integrated here as well.

Don’t worry, businesses that are not currently online or have a pre-existing e-commerce solution can also participate in the opportunity! Local Shops will simply have you arrange payment with the customer directly over being directed to a website.

Over the next few months Local Shops will be adding thousands of products, additional e-commerce integrations, and on-demand delivery.

Local Shops is launching this week in Canada, starting with Calgary and Edmonton, and will be available in the US this fall.

By using Local Shops, you’re not only gaining access to high-quality and unique products, but you’re keeping money within your local community and helping re-generate your small business economy in the process. A win-win.

Pixeltree was beyond thrilled to have been able to develop an awesome product while working toward the greater good of our local community. We see this project making a big difference for Calgary’s small business economy and are excited to see what changes Local Shops will bring.

Be sure to support these amazing local businesses who supported Local Shops along the way and be sure to head on over to the Local Shops marketplace when done here!

@nudemarket.yyc @unichillwear @stumpcraft @blindmanbrewery @torills.table @locallaundry @john_f_ross

Check out the website here!


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Nikki Robinson

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