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Calgary’s Upcoming Hackathon - and why it’s a good idea
Halle Andrews
2 min

The Top Three Reasons to Join a Hackathon

Calgary’s Biggest Hackathon is coming up this weekend (July 22nd - July 24th) and it’s going to be one of the best tech events of the summer. A hackathon is an event where people collaborate competitively on software projects to create a new and functioning product. Some may ask, why is it so important? Here are the top three reasons you should join a hackathon.

Networking Opportunities

Perhaps one of the most beneficial parts of the tech industry is networking. It’s a great way for individuals to share information and develop relationships within their field. Meeting with like-minded people in a hackathon helps make it easier to connect with others. Using soft skills in the tech world is a valuable part of getting the job done. Having the ability to work well with others in a team setting is a skill that will follow you throughout your career. When networking, you can better understand the people you work with. If you have trouble getting out there, a hackathon can assist you with forming more connections with people you wouldn’t normally talk to.

Experienced Mentors

Having someone with decades of tech experience who is willing to help you out can be challenging to find without a mentorship program. A hackathon can have a variety of mentors there to help and offer advice on your project. You can gain more diverse opinions from your own, which can help you solve problems when looking at them in a new light. In a hackathon, mentors are available for sessions so you can learn and ask questions without committing to a long-term mentorship. Mentors are beneficial to the workforce and offer guidance to those just starting. A hackathon allows you to find mentors best suited to your technological needs.

Creating New Concepts

Hackathons allow you to collaborate with others and create meaningful projects. The world is constantly changing and evolving, so people are always searching for someone with new ideas. A hackathon can give you the platform to build a project with a purpose, even if you have never done so before. While it’s primarily coders that attend, software development is so much more than coding. They need people from design and even general industry knowledge. Guidelines and a theme are often provided so teams have an attainable goal._ _If you create something with value, it has the potential to help people.

The first annual YYCHacks event focuses on downtown revitalization to better improve downtown Calgary.

Hackathons provide great opportunities to connect with people in your industry, learn from experienced mentors and design something innovative.

Are you ready to hack?

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